Owning a Bookstore: Essential Planning Guide for ABA Members

Owning a Bookstore: Essential Planning Guide for ABA Members
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With thousands of dollars at stake, it’s in your best interest to learn about the intricacies of the bookstore business and what it takes to succeed. Unlike boilerplate “how-to” guides for opening a business, this is the only publication that is produced by dedicated book industry professionals with ongoing direct contact with new bookstore owners and those who have been in the bookstore business for decades. With the Guide, you’ll gain an overview of the book industry, understand the financial dynamics, learn about everything from leases to buying books, bookstore computerized management systems to grand opening celebrations in this detailed, bookstore-specific guide that is the premiere resource for anyone opening a bookstore or buying an existing bookstore. With exercises and lists of vendors and contacts, plus a list of our favorite vendors for non-book merchandise (cards, reading accessories, toys and games, gifts and more), you’ll be on your way to learning what’s involved when you own your own bookstore and you’ll make progress with your plans as well!

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